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Michelle Lauren at MichelleLaurenBooks absolutely loved The Crooner!

Linda B. at The Romance Studio gave The Fashionable P.I. a five heart review!

Angie at Love Romances and More gives Lost or Found? a four heart review.

Brook Wills from Romance Junkies gave The Fashionable P.I. a 4 1/2 star review!

Dee-Dee from BBW Reviews gave four stars to both You Have Been Disconnected and The Fashionable P.I.!

Katy from A Romance Review has reviewed Truth and Lies.

Angie from Love Romances reports in with a five heart review for You Have Been Disconnected!

Pam from A Romance Review writes up a 4 heart review for You Have Been Disconnected.

Dee Herga from The Romance Studio gives You Have Been Disconnected a 4 1/2 hearts review!

Kathy Samuels from Romance Reviews Today offers her review of You Have Been Disconnected.

Brooke Wills from RomanceJunkies.com passes along a 4.5 blue ribbon review for You Have Been Disconnected!

Angel at Literary Nymphs reports a 5 nymph review of You Have Been Disconnected.

Tracey West from The Road to Romance serves up a "highly recommended" review for You Have Been Disconnected.

Myshelf.com has now posted a review by Barbara Buhrer for Truth and Lies!

Annie Rivers from Writer's Unlimited has reviewed Truth and Lies, calling it "a terrific book".

Penny from Love Romances offers her review of Truth and Lies, giving it 4 1/2 hearts!

Brooke Wills from RomanceJunkies.com took on Truth and Lies and gave it a 4 blue ribbon review!

Jen Henderson from Dangerously Curvy Novels has submitted her review of Truth and Lies!

Here is the first review of any of my books from The Romance Studio. The review is for Truth and Lies and the reviewer, Angel, gives it five hearts!

And here it is, a preview review of Truth and Lies from Tracey West and The Road to Romance! Woo hoo!

Melissa Alvarez from RomanceFiction.About.com offers a four star reviewfor the upcoming release, Truth and Lies, which will be available this fall!

See the four star review for Great Love now available in the February issue of Romantic Times Magazine! 

Also read the Theme Spotlight article "Dangerous Curves" on Romantic Times website. It's about romance novels with full-figured heroines and my book, Great Love, is listed as a recommended read!


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