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Born in suburban Maryland, I have lived here all my life, moving four times and less than half an hour away each time. Growing up, I was the youngest and only girl in a family of four siblings, suffering mightily and for many long years under the hands of my three older brothers. To escape, I locked myself away in my bedroom with books, books, and more books! I am and have been a voracious reader of romance novels for as long as I can remember…even before I was writing my own stories as a pre-teen. At 11-years-old, I started my writing hobby with poetry, then began writing “short” romantic stories at about 12-years-old. Although I always wanted to be a writer, I found myself instead working with computers. I was in the computer industry for more years than I want to remember, first as an amateur and then as an expert (of sorts). My husband and I met online (before online dating was even a glimmer in some internet boomer’s eye), and we knew each other for eight years before we got engaged and married. Even now, after ahem-ahem years together, we are best friends, and he is one of my biggest supporters. We live close to both our families and spend as much time with them as possible. We are now living in modern suburbia in our single family home with our two rescued mutts, who think the large yard we have is their own personal doggie park.


This is me in my first professional photo. You can also see this picture if you buy Great Love. ;-)


Author's Note: As many of my friends and family tell me, the hair (which is a bit difficult to see here) definitely does not look like my hair. The curl is all mine, but enhanced by a lot of hair spray and molding gel. But at least it has some height on the top.

Here is a picture from my second (woohoo!) photo shoot, now being used on the back of my current book covers.


Thanks tons to Aycee, Sarah and Jennifer for the fun I had at the shoot and for the great pics that were the result!