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Contemporary Romance
Rida Allen
AmErica House  * * * *

Samantha Velmar has been on her own for a long time. She's been disappointed in love too many times, her self-image is low and she does not believe in fairy tales. Or she didn't until meeting Jonathan Edwards. Jon takes her totally by surprise with his charm and the different ways he has of trying to show her she is beautiful.

Jon has a dilemma, though: He must marry and start a family or he'll lose control of his father's company.

Sam cannot believe Jon loves her and when her trust is betrayed, she is devastated. Jon knows that keeping the stipulation of his father's will under wraps was wrong, and now he does not want to lose the one woman he loves.

Allen is at the top of her game, creating a realistic heroine who is far from just a head on a Popsicle stick. The author takes care in proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and creates a hero who allows his heart to lead him. I enjoyed this witty and heart-touching tale of true love and real life.

February 2003 Issue #228

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