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Truth and Lies
Finally, George's story is here!

George Richards, a divorced single father, needs to find a replacement for his nanny of two years. His brother Erik and sister-in-law Robyn suggest their now homeless neighbor Valerie to become the new live-in nanny. With their high recommendations, George takes the leap of faith and hires Val, only to end up falling for her.

Valerie Adamson is newly divorced and has to sell her home to pay off debts that her ex-husband has created. She takes the live-in nanny job only because she has no place else to go. She isn't in the market for a man and wants to remain on the outside of George and Jess' family while still being a good employee. What she doesn't realize is whether or not she's in the market, she's already sold!

Meet George, his little bit of a daughter, Jessica, and his new nanny Val. Find out what happens when you throw a perfect stranger into your daily mix. And then what happens when boss and nanny become more than just friends!