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The Legacy Tree
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Robyn Douglass had always been able to tell her best friend, Erik, everything. He was her confidant, her support system, her shoulder to lean on in bad times... he was the person she called when she was in trouble. So what was she supposed to do when he was the one who got her into trouble?

Erik Richards felt like the luckiest boy on earth when he met Robyn and her dog-pal Peanut at a campground as a pre-teen. But as an adult, he learned what lucky really meant when he finally had the opportunity to be with his voluptuous best friend. If only he could figure out how to be with her permanently...

The Legacy Tree is a compelling story of two very “real” people who love each other desperately but can’t seem to find their way into each other’s arms.


Release date: September 2003
Publisher: iUniverse