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Installment 22


Her heart stuttered in her chest at the mere thought of being alone with him, wrapped in his strong arms. “This is your party...” she protested again, torn between doing what was right and what she really desired with all of her heart.

“Forget the party... Lee’s the partying kind, I’ll leave it to him.” Checking their surroundings, he ushered her around the side of the house to the driveway, where he had left his car. Pressing a hard kiss to her lips, he helped her into the passenger side before rounding the sleek vehicle to slide in behind the steering wheel. His heart was thundering a mile a minute, but he made sure to concentrate on his driving so they didn’t get into an accident.

The ride to the Glover house seemed to take forever, though she knew from experience that it couldn’t have taken long at all. Clenching her hands in her lap, she wildly wondered if she had shaved her legs recently, which then morphed into wondering when she had last shaved her underarms. What was wrong with her? Of course she had shaved... she was wearing a dress! She shook her head, trying not to panic as she considered that very shortly, Rick was going to see her naked. She had long ago accepted her body for what it was, but the anticipation of watching Rick see her for the first time was killing her.

Although they were both almost vibrating with sexual energy, neither of them spoke in the car. Once he had parked the car in the Glover house driveway, Rick hopped from the car and rounded the hood to help Andi out of the passenger side. Hands clasped together, they made their way to the front door and finally, into the house.

Andi sighed as the door closed behind them. The house was cool and dark, and before her eyes could adjust, she was pulled into Rick’s arms.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to be with you right now, right this instant.” he murmured, pressing kisses to side of her throat, across her shoulders and along her collar bone.

There were too many clothes between them and she needed to touch his flesh. Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled his shirt from the waistband of his pants before sliding her hands up along his back. “I know, I know!”

“Not here, not in the middle of the foyer.” Pulling back, he grabbed her hand and practically dragged her up the stairs. “I want this to be perfect... for both of us.”

By the time they made it to the top of the stairs, she had already kicked off both her shoes. Fleetingly she hoped that neither of them tripped on them in the morning... but then Rick was pulling her back into his arms and the thought was gone.

“You’re so beautiful.” he whispered, the darkness cloaking them. “When I saw you tonight, I could barely breathe.”

“I feel like that every time I see you.” she returned before pressing her lips to his. As they stood kissing in the darkened bedroom that Rick had slept in the night before, her heartbeat accelerated. Once more she reached for his shirt, now pulling it completely out of the waistband of his slacks. Although her hands trembled, she was able to unbutton the buttons down the front of his dress shirt. Stepping back, she helped him remove the shirt, then the tee shirt underneath. Without being able to see him clearly, she used her hands to see him, exploring his shoulders, his arms and the muscles of his chest. As her hands continued downward over his stomach, she heard him take in a quick breath.

“Enough.” he growled, grasping her hands and bringing them to his lips. He kissed the back of each hand, then placed them at her sides before reaching around her to grasp the zipper on her shimmering green dress. It slid down silently and he brought his hands forward to push the wide straps down her arms. The dress slipped easily over her flesh, baring her upper chest, then catching briefly on her pebbled breasts.

She gasped as the material slithered over her aroused flesh before it dropped forward at her waist. When she moved to pull her arms from the dress, he stepped forward to stop her. The brush of soft hair on his chest across her sensitized nipples made her eyes roll back into her head. The moan that echoed through the room could not have been hers... could it?

Releasing her, he marched over to the windows where he drew open the curtains so that some light filtered in through the angled blinds. He turned back to her and saw the soft light shining over her face and her torso. “You’re so beautiful, Andrea, I just had to see you.” Returning to her, he skimmed his fingers along her collar bone and then down to cups his hands under her small breasts. They seemed to swell at his touch and he heard her moan again when he rubbed his thumbs over the tight tips. Without waiting for her to recover from his touch, he leaned over and flicked each nipple lightly with his tongue.

“They’re so small in comparison to the rest of me...” she said breathlessly, hoping her legs wouldn’t give out.

“They’re perfect.” he returned, now helping her lift her arms from the armholes of her dress. With a little tug from him and a little hip wiggle from her, which he enjoyed watching, her dress fell to the floor. She was now clad in only dark colored panties and flesh-colored stockings. Eagerly he rolled the stockings down her long legs, caressing and offering praises in the mostly darkened room.

When he stood again, she cradled his jaw in her hands. “You’re overdressed for this party, Rick.” Pressing feather-light kisses at the corners of his mouth, she moved her hands to the buckle holding his belt in place. It took her a minute to undo the buckle, but when she did she wasted no time in opening the button on the pants. She was reaching for the zipper when he stopped her.

“You’d better let me do that.” he warned, pushing her hands away slightly. He wasted no time stripping off his pants, shoes and socks and was left only in his black briefs.

She could barely see him so again she used her hands to explore him. She knew that he looked good in his clothes... his body trim and while not bulging with muscles, he certainly had an overall strength to him. Now, as she ran her hands over him, she felt firsthand the restrained power in his body. She felt his stomach muscles twitch as he grunted at her touch. Heart pounding, she continued her blind perusal, her fingers tracing the ridge beneath his cotton briefs.

He tried desperately to distract himself by touching her in return. Starting at the red curls that topped her head, he tested her own ability to resist distraction. He ran his fingers through the soft strands, letting the curls cling and wrap themselves around his hands. Then he touched her face, tracing the lines of her forehead, her rounded cheeks, her nose, her full lips. He used his thumbs to trace her jaw, then draw parallel lines down her throat. Palms now flattened against her upper chest, he successfully distracted her when he slid his hands down to her breasts and around the sides to push the two small globes together. Leaning over, he pressed his cheek against her and rubbed back and forth. When he felt her trembling, he stood and walked her backwards to the bed. Wrapping one arm around her, he lowered her to the mattress, letting her legs hang off the bed at her knees.

She curled an arm around his neck and pulled him back to her lips, arching to press her body flush against his.

He groaned as her rounded stomach pressed against him, then shifted his arms lower to adjust her beneath him. As he pressed himself against the juncture of her thighs, he heard her answering moan. Only thin material kept them apart, something he was going to deal with right away. He slipped out of her embrace and rid himself of his briefs, then helped her lift her hips to pull her panties off along her legs.

In the darkness she was not able to see him, but when he lowered himself to her again, she certainly felt him... all of him. Her hands went immediately to his waist, then around to caress the curve of his lower back and then over his firm buttocks. “You have a wonderful body, Rick. I love the way it feels.”

He smiled into the curve of her neck before pressing another kiss there. “You smell so amazing, I can’t wait to taste all of you.” He was making a path toward her breasts again when she surprised him by using her strong legs to roll them over. She now loomed over him, her heavy thighs bracketing his legs, her hair hanging down in her face. “Well, hi there.” he said huskily, losing no time by reaching up to touch her.

Laughing, she flipped her hair out of her face and arched into his hands. She could feel him throbbing heavily against her inner thigh and the knowledge that she had done that to him made her feel vibrant and alive.

He stroked her from up under her arms all the way down her side, over her wide hips and down her thighs. Her skin was silky smooth and soft and he couldn’t seem to touch enough of her. When she pressed herself against him, he groaned at her heat and arched back up against her. Together they rocked their hips, imitating the act soon to come. That was it, he couldn’t stand it one second longer, not being inside her. He snaked at arm around her and reversed their positions again. One hand cradled her head, pulling her up for a kiss while the other stretched out to the night stand and to the condoms he had left there last night.

She let him pull away only long enough to cover himself, then she rocked her hips up toward his.

“Hey, slow down...” he muttered, grasping her hips and pushing her back into the mattress.

“No slowing down.” she panted. “I think we’ve waited long enough...”

Grinning, he kissed her to stop the tirade, sliding his tongue into her still open mouth. Beneath his mouth, she groaned and met his tongue with hers. They touched and retreated, searched and tasted, then withdrew. He kept his hands on her hips, pressing kisses to her neck, flicking his tongue at the hollow of her throat. When she moaned and arched her neck, he positioned himself between her legs and entered her in one long thrust.

Her moan lengthened, deepened and grew as her back arched up off the bed and her body accepted him. He was bigger than she had first thought, stretching her, filling her and touching parts of her she never knew were there.

“You feel incredible, Andi... better than I could have ever imagined.” he told her, his heart thundering in his chest.

“I just want to stay like this forever.” she whispered, tears pressing at the back of her eyes. “You’re making me feel so good, so alive!”

He kept a firm grip on her hips, pulled back and thrust again, sinking back into her on a low groan.

She pried his hands off her hips so that she could meet his thrusts, rocking her pelvis against his. Instead of wrapping her legs around his waist, she spread them wide to support herself as she lifted her hips off the bed to meet him.

Her body moved fluidly against his, which surprised and delighted him. Before he was ready, his body tightened, readying itself for release. He tried to slow their pace, but she just ignored him.

If she lifted and tilted, thrust and clenched, he seemed to hit all the right places. Unable to slow her pace, even when he tried to hold her down, she closed her eyes and gave in. Her body took off without her, arching, contracting, writhing beneath him. Her muscles tensed, her legs trembled and lights exploded in front of her eyes. “Oh, Rick! Don’t stop!” She felt him grab her hips as she wrapped her legs around him, her body trembling as her muscles stiffened. He moved faster as her body gathered for its release. A low guttural moan erupted from him before her name came out as a chant. She closed her eyes, arched her back and flew into outer space, feeling only where the two of them were joined, her muscles clenching, his length throbbing.

He clutched her hips in his hands, holding her steady as he thrust into her one last time, feeling her body clenching around him... milking him dry. Shuddering, he relaxed on top of her, gathering her into him and holding her as she went limp in his embrace.

“Oh my God, am I still here?” she whispered against his sweaty neck.

“Yeah, I think you landed about a minute after I did.” he teased huskily, kissing her ear. “You okay?”

“I’m really really good.”

Rolling off to her side, he pulled her against him and sighed. “What a wonderful way to end an evening.” he murmured.

“Seems to me it would be a fabulous way to start a day, as well.”

He laughed and let his eyes drift closed. “We’ll have to test your theory.”

She snuggled into his side, feeling his breathing slow as he slipped into sleep. She wasn’t sure if she would ever sleep because although her body was sated, her mind was racing a mile a minute. Turning her head, she wished the lights were on or the moon was shining through the window so she could study him. Tentatively, she placed one hand on his chest, over his heart, and smiled softly when his hand came up to cover hers.

“Sleep.” he murmured. “You’re going to need your energy.”

Before she could respond, he seemed to be gone again, so she closed her eyes and surprisingly followed him into dreamland.