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Sue Ann Jaffarian
Author of "Too Big To Miss"


Great Love begins with the full-figured heroine, Sam, believing that she doesn't need anyone but Molly, her faithful pooch. Over the years she has convinced herself that no one would ever want her or love her for herself. Then she meets Jon, a charming man who sees her for the beauty she is.

But even with his love she still has trouble seeing herself as lovable; a common problem with women of size or any woman not fitting the Hollywood ideal. Admittedly, I am not much of a romance reader, but I enjoyed this sweet tale of a woman's self-realization. Sam is fun, sweet, witty and real.

With a heartbreaking past, she has more to deal with than just the issue of weight, and it is this other dimension that adds true credibility to her lack of self-esteem and eventual blossoming into a confident woman.

Source: Sue Ann Jaffarian, Author of "Too Big To Miss". Originally posted on Amazon.com


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