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Rida Allen United States -- Present Day 

Who says men don't fall for full-figured women anymore? GREAT LOVE by Rida Allen proves that men still know a good woman when they see her, no matter her size. Samantha Velmar is proud of her accomplishments since she was kicked out by her stepfather at the age of sixteen. Now an assistant manager at a bookstore, she is content with her life even if she is bored by the monotony of it at times. When Jonathan Edwards falls at her feet, literally, she is somewhat surprised and oddly excited that he finds her attractive. 

Jonathan is shocked when his father dies. And even more stunned when he learns that his father left a will specifying his beloved son's future. In order not to lose the family business, Jonathan must marry before his thirtieth birthday, which is less than a year away, then begin a family within a year of the marriage. Jogging in the park to contemplate his future, he is pounced on by a beast of a dog. Initially irritated, he is soon taken with the dog's lovely mistress, and his brain and hormones kick into overdrive.

GREAT LOVE is a delightful book with a heroine to whom many female readers will relate. Resigned to a lonely life because of her weight, Samantha is not prepared for a man like Jonathan to find her beautiful and sexy. The author's excellent portrayal of Samantha's insecurities and her doubts about her relationship is realistic but not overdone, making Samantha a heroine with whom readers will sympathize. Jonathan is an endearing hero who gives hope to all voluptuous women. Smart and charming, he is oblivious to Samantha's size; he only knows that he is strongly attracted to her and feels she is the perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with. Well written, with touches of humor, the book is a quick read because it is fast paced. Samantha and Jonathan's humanness is the very essence of the book, making them more real than most characters. 

Rida Allen delivers a sweet, touching romance between two vulnerable people. Readers will be cheering for Samantha and Jonathan all the way through GREAT LOVE. It's a wonderful read for a lonely night! 

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