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"Sam is a woman you have to love. She's so real. And Jon is the kind of guy we all look for in love. He knows what he wants & he's not afraid to spell it out. I found this to be a topnotch, well-written romance from an author that I hope we hear much more from. Sam becomes a model not only for full-figured women, but for ANY woman who doesn't happen to fill the so-narrow, "traditional" romance novel heroine . . . & in reality, few of us do, for one reason or another. I applaud Rida Allen for taking on the challenge & doing so w/heart & humor. Sam & Jon's story draws in the reader & as we turn the pages, we want a happy ending for such a beautifully-developed couple. This is a book for all women. Read it & see yourself in its pages."

Linda in Maryland
Maryland (8/5/2002)

"GREAT LOVE begins with the full-figured heroine, Sam, believing that she doesn't need anyone but Molly, her faithful pooch. Over the years she has convinced herself that no one would ever want her or love her for herself. Then she meets Jon, a charming man who sees her for the beauty she is. But even with his love she still has trouble seeing herself as lovable; a common problem with women of size or any woman not fitting the Hollywood ideal. Admittedly, I am not much of a romance reader, but I enjoyed this sweet tale of a woman's self-realization. Sam is fun, sweet, witty and real. With a heartbreaking past, she has more to deal with than just the issue of weight, and it is this other dimension that adds true credibility to her lack of self-esteem and eventual blossoming into a confident woman."

Sue Ann Jaffarian
Author, "Too Big To Miss"

"I just had to write to let you know that I received your book "Great Love" in the mail yesterday and I have already read ten chapters. It is an awesome book. I totally identify with Sam's feelings and Jonathan's personality reminds me of my boyfriends personality. I could hardly tear myself away from the book, and I must tell you that is it rare for me to read a novel all the way through, a novel has to grab my attention and yours certainly does. I just had to write and say that I think you are a great writer. Keep up the good work. I would love to read any future books that you come out with. You have definitely been added to my list of favorite authors. Thanks again."

Natalie in Las Vegas, NV

"Hello to Everyone. I want to take this opportunity to thank Rida for allowing me to join [her yahoo group]. I have read all of the material that you have written. Let me say I absolutely loved everything! You are truly a lovely and talented Author! I very much anticipate reading more and more of your work. Keep on trucking!"


"Rida, I loved the book. You made me think about the good old days when I used to read my love stories. I stopped reading lately and what a joy it was to read your book! I hope you keep writing, it was such a nice story to read. I started reading it in the morning metro ride and by 1 am I was almost done but I got so tired and went to bed. First thing next morning I had finished it like a kid with a new toy. If you have any other one like this under your mattress, please bring them out. It was my greatest pleasure to read GREAT LOVE. Samantha is my kind of gal! Jon was just a prince."

Francis R. in Maryland

"I finished GREAT LOVE several days ago. I've just now found the time to write you about my thoughts. My middle son asked me why the picture of the purple clad woman looked just like me. He wanted to know if the book was about me........ I laughed and told him that, yes, in a way it was. Samantha, as a whole, represents so many of us in so many different ways. She is strong willed, determined but yet weak in her self esteem. I know how she feels. Jonathan gave me so much hope and the desire to find a man who falls in love with me and my heart, not whether or not I can wear sexy Calvin Kleins. I loved the book but found few opportunities to read before late at night. Thanks to you....... I'm exhausted! I didn't want Sam and Jon to end where they did. I feel like they can tell us so much, experience so much for us....... Won't you consider letting them find out?  I did enjoy the book though and thank you for your sharing with us this story that has been in your heart." 

Lynn in Georgia

"Last month I had the opportunity to read a delightful romance novel by someone with great talent. Rida Allen writes from the heart and has created a story that has great appeal. She has written a wonderful romance novel featuring a strong, confident, independent and caring woman who happens to be full-figured."

Jennifer Bennett

"Handled adeptly and with great insight by Rida Allen, the character of Samantha already lives in the hearts of fat women everywhere. Her fears, doubts, insecurities, and hopes are the same we all own; her triumphs are inspiring."

Judy Sullivan

"I have just finished reading GREAT LOVE and will be writing my review shortly. I enjoyed it very much. In the past distressful weeks I found it to be 'a comfort book'. I know that was not the reason you wrote it, but I was so happy that you did. Thanks."

Barbara Buhrer 9/23/01
Retired Librarian of 25 years
Reviewer for Myshelf.com

"Well written, with touches of humor, the book is a quick read because it is fast paced. Samantha and Jonathan's humanness is the very essence of the book, making them more real than most characters. Rida Allen delivers a sweet, touching romance between two vulnerable people. Readers will be cheering for Samantha and Jonathan all the way through GREAT LOVE. It's a wonderful read for a lonely night!"

Courtney Bowden
Reviewer for Romance Reviews Today

"GREAT LOVE is a great book, made even better by a heroine who doesn’t fit into your typical leading lady mold. I totally loved this story. Sam faced some of the problems that plus size women everywhere have faced. She has the same insecurities, the doubts and bad experiences. But she’s also a wonderful, caring individual who’s made a life for herself despite being on her own since she was 16."

JaToya Love
President, A Romance Review

"You have a well written, very passionate story here -- the tension and ardor shared by Sam and Jonathan is palpable, and makes this a very intense, emotional work. It is a pleasure to be a part of bringing your writing to print."

Best Regards,
Ms. Christen Beckmann, Se

"Samantha, GREAT LOVE's full-figured heroine, was worth the wait. Strong-willed, independent and composed, she's still insecure and concerned about her love interest's perception of her body... Allen doesn't use the book as a vehicle to push a particular message about full-figured women. She just presents Samantha as realistically as possible."

Gwen Glazer
Gazette Newspaper

"I am 3/4 of the way finished reading Rida's book. If I had more time, I would have finished it already. Wow - is all I can say. Not only am I impressed, but I am really enjoying the book. It seems as good as Danielle Steel books. Actually, some of Rida's scenes are even more descriptive."

Jan T. in New York

"Great book, I hated to put it down and could not wait to get back to it. I felt like Sam was a friend and while I was reading the book I kept hoping that the story would have a happy ending. I did not want it to end and hope that the author continues the story."

Virginia S. in Germantown, MD

"I received [the book] earlier this week and finished it in one night!! It has been about 20 years since I read a romance novel and I forgot how caught up you can get in one. I enjoyed it and you definitely left me with questions..."

Karen D. in Maryland

"I absolutely loved the book, I cried twice while I was reading it. There were so many aspects that I've experienced and can relate to, it was amazing! When is the next one coming out? Can't wait to read it!"

Heather M. in Maryland

"I must truly and honestly say I loved it. It was extremely modern and it certainly was a page turner. I loved in the beginning how in your first chapter you had the reader side with Sam..."

Grace M. in Maryland

"I could not put it down... it was gripping!"

Deborah F. in Washington, D.C.

"I just read GREAT LOVE by Rida Allen. It was good and cool."

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