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Great Love


Where there is a will, Jonathan must find a way... to be married by his next birthday. So how could he resist the voluptuous Samantha, who had a body worthy of a "Dangerous Curves" road sign? He couldn't, but could she resist what seemed too good to be true?

It's hard to be different in the eyes of society. For Samantha Velmar, it was always difficult to be a full-figured woman. But Sam prided herself on her strength and independence... so with her dog as her faithful companion, she was content with her life, if a little bored. She had almost convinced herself that it was okay to be single... until she met Jon.

Jonathan Edwards was happy immersing himself in his father's self-made business. Surrounded by corporate affairs, he was comfortable with his life... until his father died and left a will regarding Jonathan's future. He needed to be married before his fast-approaching thirtieth birthday and begin a family within a year of the marriage, or he would lose the business.

It was really Sam's mutt who brought them together when she tackled Jonathan in the park. Was it fate or divine (doggie) intervention?



Release date: Coming Soon!
Publisher: Draumr Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-933157-28-3

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